Wedding Season Highlights 2021

WOW this wedding season flew by in the blink of an eye! Here I am reflecting on what an incredible summer it was for all the amazing people I met, the stunning places I was able to visit, and the moments I felt privileged to capture.

I can’t properly express just how thankful I am for ALL the weddings I shot this summer, but I thought it would be fun to properly reflect on my summer by putting it into a blog post. Enjoy highlights from this unforgettable wedding season below!!! 

Travel Opportunities As A Destination Wedding Photographer!

Winery Weddings

This wedding season took me to Vancouver Island, where I shot an Enrico Winery wedding for Damian and Jess. This was the type of wedding where I felt part of the gang right off the bat and I had a blast partying it up way past coverage because it was too fun to pass up!! These two have become such dear friends to me!

I also had the chance to head to Kelowna for Meghan and Daryl’s Summerhill Pyramid Winery wedding. See my blog post about that incredible day here!

Stunning Portraits In Alberta

Let’s not forget my turn and burn to Alberta to shoot bridal portraits for Hussaan and Lobna at Moraine Lake! My bestie and I were on the road at 3:00 AM for this shoot in order to guarantee we would get a parking spot. If you think that’s early, Hussaan and Lobna were on the road at 1:00 AM and drove the whole way in their wedding attire (now that’s dedication!). 

Even with our early leave times, the parking lot was already 60% full when we arrived!! We hiked up to the viewpoint following some guys from Toronto with headlamps, and then got to enjoy the stars and sunrise with this stunning couple. 

I was able to combine this incredible adventure with a visit to see both of my sisters in Alberta and spend some much-needed quality time with my bestie who was also the BEST assistant for this shoot. This location takes my breath away every time!!!

Heli Wedding!

Last, but certainly NOT least, I have to include the INCREDIBLE experience of heading to the top of a mountain in a helicopter for Joel and Larissa’s bridal portraits. This couple has become like family to me, and being asked to document part of their big day in this way was just unforgettable!!! If you want to make the most out of one of the biggest days of your life, check out Sky Helicopters!

Meeting Amazing People

My incredible couples. One of the BEST parts of my job is that every wedding I shoot is an opportunity to make lasting friendships!! This summer I have met so many couples who I LOVE dearly and can now call family!! 

Shooting Marcus and Ally Grodd … get ready for the COOLEST STORY EVER. Ally first saw Marcus on TV when he was on The Bachelorette and immediately knew he was the one for her. She slid into his DM’s on Instagram and he did reply, but the sparks started 2 years after their initial messages to each other. 

When Marcus finished the Bachelor Paradise, he reached out to Ally and they began Facetiming each other constantly for a month until Ally flew to California for their first date. After a year of dating, they ended up eloping in California!! 

Marcus and Ally were incredibly hospitable, inviting me for dinner and drinks at the beautiful place they were staying, and hanging out in their cabin after the shoot. 

Stranger Sessions

This summer while riding the ferry from Victoria I FINALLY asked two strangers to model for me!! I was incredibly nervous, which is saying something because I will quite literally do anything and never get embarrassed. 

The first couple agreed and the shots were so beautiful that I decided to try AGAIN the next time I was on a ferry. I struck out twice, which helped me discover that I don’t handle rejection well. BUT I persisted, found an adorable couple who said YES, and was able to shoot another stranger session with equally amazing results!!! 

My Business Turned 5!!

My business, my BABY, which I’ve poured endless time, energy, and basically everything I’ve got into, turned 5 years old this year!!! If you would have told my 19 year old self, who dreamed of being a photographer, that she’d be doing photography full time, shooting the biggest day of people’s lives, and coaching new photographers, she would have thought you were CRAZY. 

After a lot of learning, dedication, and hard work, I’ve reached a point where I’m sooooo thankful and proud to call this business mine. I love how I have created something that I’m passionate about, and most importantly, I’m SO HAPPY to be bringing joy to others in the images I can create for them. I’m SO grateful for all the support I have and have had along the way. 

My First Chicken Wedding

I’m ALL about pets at weddings and this wedding season was the FIRST time I’ve had a pet chicken part of the wedding day. It was a pleasure to meet Ryan and Lindi’s sweet pet chicken Flurry. Flurry certainly knew what to do in front of the camera, and I think you’d agree the proof is in the photos below!!! 

What made this day even better was that Ryan and Lindi honored their feathered friend by doing the Chicken Dance at their reception dinner. I LOVE my wedding couples so much!!!

Well, that’s all folks!!! This wedding season has been unforgettable and I’ve LOVED reminiscing about my favorite parts with you in this month’s blog post. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!!! Get in touch if you’re looking to capture your love in Canada or worldwide.

Wedding season highlights 2021

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