Tips For A Stunning Snow Photoshoot: Andrew & Rachael

A snow photoshoot β€” for engagements or just fun couples shoots β€” provides an incredible blank canvas of white where we can add pops of color and capture your childlike side together! Think snowball fights, a winter fairytale theme with formal wear, or matching Christmas sweaters πŸ™‚

A Dreamy Photoshoot In The Snow With Andrew & Rachael: About The Couple

Here we are with another Tinder success story! I’ve mentioned before on Instagram that 80% of my couples meet through TINDER!! Andrew and Rachael are a married couple who met on Tinder 1.5 years ago, explaining that on their first date they felt like they had known each other for years. 

Andrew scored bonus points with Rachael by having a Tinder profile photo of him and his mom. Obviously a very good sign! Andrew said that Rachael had nothing in her bio, just photos and her name. Andrew was immediately intrigued by this beautiful mystery girl and wanted to get to know her better. 

Andrew and Rachael messaged Tinder on their 1 year wedding anniversary to share their love story and Tinder mailed them a PACKAGE to congratulate them. How sweet is that?! 

My hope for you is that you find a love just like Andrew and Rachael’s because I swear I was squealing the entire session seeing how they interact with each other. They just couldn’t be more PERFECT for each other. 

At this point, you may be asking yourself how you could achieve such a STUNNING snow photoshoot with the love of your life. Here are my tips to get you there: 

Have A Theme In Mind

Snow shoots create opportunities for SO many different themes including a winter fairytale in formal wear, rustic lumberjack style clothing, adventure-themed outerwear, etc. 

If you have your Christmas card or profile picture on social media in mind then bring props like a plaid blanket, custom ornaments, matching Christmas sweaters or hats, etc. 

Take your inspiration from Andrew and Rachael who brought a couple of outfits and props that show off what a FUN couple they are!! 

Winter fairytale photoshoot

Don’t Be Brave, Prepare For The Cold

If you know that you have poor circulation and will be miserable wearing one layer in the snow, then plan ahead and bring your gloves, scarf, hat, coat, and boots. This outfit in itself makes for an adorable “walk in the snow” look, or it could be something you put on throughout the shoot to regain a normal temperature if the cold is too much for you. 

Rachael nailed it with Blundstones, a cute plaid coat, a scarf, and a toque. 

Add A Pop Of Color

It’s not every day that you get photos on a basically blank canvas of white. Take this opportunity to add a pop of color to your wardrobe!

Add a bit of fun with a bright color like Rachael did with her red coat and scarf, or keep it dramatic and romantic with deep colors like burgundy or forest green. The results will be stunning! 

Have Fun With The Snow

Have a snowball fight, grab a pile of powdered snow and blow it out of your hands, throw it in the air and twirl. The sweetest moments to capture are the genuinely fun ones so let loose!

Hope these tips have been helpful for you!! If you’d like some incredible shots like Andrew and Rachael below, shoot me a message and let’s MAKE IT HAPPEN β€” whether it’s for your winter wedding or just a snowy wedding photoshoot of your dreams! Keep scrolling for some beautiessss!

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Have fun with the snow in your winter wedding photoshoot
Snow photoshoot for engagements and weddings

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