This is the biggest day of your life!


And I am so ready to have a blast with you.

I find it the biggest honour to be a part of wedding days and I absolutely love how each of them is so unique and different. I want to get to know you and your babe PRIOR to your wedding day! (Who wants a stranger lurking around with a camera at their wedding) So- that is why from the initial coffee date, to our engagement sesh and constant communication via text, email or phone calls. One way or another- I will get to know you and your babe! I include an engagement session in all of my packages for a reason- I want to get to know you guys AND we get to practice the prompts and poses that I'll ask you to do on your wedding day!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot WAIT to meet you!!!!!!! :) :) :)

I am not only your photographer, I am ready to CELEBRATE big time with you on this special day!

Justin + Bethany

Private Mansion - British Columbia

Cam + Kelli

fraser river lodge - british columbia

Rachael + Andrew

Langley, British Columbia

Mikaela + Evan

Seymour Golf Course - british columbia

Elsa + Reza

whistler Westin - british columbia

Christian + Kyra

vancouver, british columbia

Kevin + Michelle

Fraser River Lodge, British columbia

Nicole + Stu

vancouver, british columbia

Tom + Liz

Banff + Calgary, Alberta

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