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Guess what time it is ???!!!! PARTAAAAYYY TIME!!!! You're about to take the next step to lock in the golden hour queen + secure your official WEDDING DAY HYPE GIRL! No matter WHERE in the world you are getting married- I'm HERE FOR YOU and READY TO BRING THE PARTY! I can hardly wait to hear from you, meet you, and most importantly... capture your uniqueness and beauty! I want to know alllllll about you before our first meeting together!!!! So, please fill out my contact form and don't hold back! Tell me EVERYTHING about you and your loved one! I will get back to you promptly (within 24 hours to be specific) with the next steps! Cheers to all the memories to be made together AND for a new friendship on the horizon- YAY!!!

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Please allow 24-48 hours for me to get back to you. Be sure to check our spam folder as sometimes emails accidentally get sent there. If you have not received a response from me within 24-48 hours, I did not receive your message.... I promise to always respond to clients! Your special day is important to me. Please email me if any issues:  esthermoermanphotography@gmail.com