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Your Wedding Day includes once in a lifetime moments. The excitement while you’re getting ready, the anticipation before seeing your bride come down the aisle or stepping towards your first look, that celebratory walk down the aisle hand in hand after being pronounced MR and MRS for the first time ever, your family and friends cheering as you enter your reception, the sweet husband and wife moments together, the VERY significant ceremony, the LIT dance party, and the non stop laughter. These are quite literally all the reasons why I quit my day job.

Choosing your wedding photographer is one of the hardest and biggest decisions when planning your wedding.

I really hope you answered yes… let’s go ahead and assume you said YES, Esther, I can’t stand those forced poses, where you can tell the photographer said “Okay, smile on 3, 2, 1!” Like CMON, get outta here! If you want stiff and forced poses- then you are definitely on the wrong website. 

Want to know some GOOD NEWS for you?! I make it easy by preparing you for the process, educating you about your wedding day and engagement session, helping you construct a wedding day timeline together so we can optimize photo opportunities, AND literally your coach during portraits. I know what looks best and the ONLY thing I need from you during our time together is 100% of your trust and an inner desire to have some fun!

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