6 Tips For Planning Your Dream Wedding

Planning your dream wedding is an exciting time, but it can also be a liiiiittle bit stressful. There’s so much to consider, and so may options for what your dream wedding might look like. But when it comes to how to plan your dream wedding, I’VE GOT YOU. I’m here to help with my best wedding planning tips, so let’s dive in!!

1. Remember: Your Dream Wedding Is YOUR Dream Wedding… You Do You, Baby!!!

One of the best wedding tips I can give you is to remember that your wedding is YOUR. WEDDING. (Say it with me, couples: OURS!) Your friends and family likely mean well when they offer their suggestions and opinions, but it’s important that you and your partner stand firm in what you want out of your special day. 

When it comes to unsolicited wedding planning advice, take it alllll with a grain of salt (sometimes a whole bag, tbh). If you’re looking for help, turn to a professional like a wedding planner or an experienced photographer to assist. These pros have experience in the wedding industry and can help guide you based on your vision. Speaking of which…

2. Get Your Vision Board On

Another piece of advice I keep in my wedding tips and tricks arsenal is to make sure you have a clear vision for your wedding. Work with your partner to pin down a wedding aesthetic you both love – this really helps when it comes to eventually choosing your venue, your attire, and the kind of wedding photos you want to end up with. 

Once you have your vision, communicate it with the team you’ve built around you. Remember, communication is KEY when it comes to nailing your dream wedding!! 

3. Consider Hiring A Wedding Planner

Whether you’re planning on having a massive party or wondering how to plan an intimate wedding, a professional wedding planner can help you bring the whole thing together seamlessly. 

Trust me, wedding planning can be quite the daunting task, and you already have so much to do between now and the big day. A professional wedding planner serves as your right-hand person to help manage the stress and ensure your vision is realized. 

A wedding planner will guide you when it comes to: 

  • Hiring other vendors
  • Coordinating the wedding timeline 
  • Managing the entire experience, from planning to the big day

You can find quality wedding planners listed on different wedding planning websites, but I also have a few I know and trust that I can help set you up with as well. Just reach out – as I said before, I’ve got you!!

4. Take Time Picking Your Venue – It’s Vital 

You’ll definitely want to make picking your venue a priority when it comes to your wedding preparation checklist. Depending on when and where you’re hoping to tie the knot, you’ll also want to create a timeline for when you’ll need to lock the venue in. 

Wedding season can vary depending on the location, so make sure you do your research. If you’re planning to wed during peak wedding season, you’ll want to start planning at least a year or more in advance. You’ll also want to book your venue as far in advance as possible. 

And yes, your venue is THAT important. It sets the scene for your whole wedding and is the backdrop for your photos, which you’ll be looking back on for the rest of your life. 

Newlyweds embracing with a dramatic mountain backdrop

5. Splurge On The Things That Matter

What REALLY matters when it comes to planning your dream wedding??? Well, that’s the age-old question. By industry standards, the venue matters, your photographer matters, and your wedding planner matters. The other things that matter are going to be dependent on you.

Are you crazy about flowers? Maybe a quality florist is something you want to splurge on. Or perhaps you’ve had your sights set on a designer wedding gown since you were, like, 12. In that case, go GET that gown, queen.

Just remember to set a budget so you know where to save and where you can splurge.  

6. Make Sure You Vibe With Your Photographer 

The wedding photographer is SUCH an important investment when planning your dream wedding, because this person is the one who is capturing your entire day on camera. When it comes to Vancouver wedding photography, you certainly have your share of choices, but it’s important to hire someone you totally vibe with.

A great photographer isn’t just going to be someone to take pictures – this is a person you’ll be spending a LOT of time with on your wedding day. In fact, you may even spend more time with your photographer than you will with your future spouse!!

With this in mind, work with a Vancouver wedding photographer you trust – someone who can guide you not only when it comes to capturing gorgeous photos, but also with how to plan your wedding. 

If you’re ready to take the leap and invest in a photographer for your dream wedding, get in touch with me. I’m SO excited to help you tie up the loose ends and get you started on your happily ever after!!

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