6 Tips For A Flawless Engagement Shoot In Vancouver

So, you’re newly engaged. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! There are few things quite as exciting as an engagement, although what follows may also be somewhat overwhelming… HOWEVER, I’m so glad that in the chaos of wedding planning, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and wedding dress shopping, you haven’t forgotten about the engagement shoot. And if you’re on the hunt for how to get the best engagement photos in Vancouver, you’ve come to the right girl. 

Okay, So What’s The Point Of An Engagement Shoot?

Before we chat about my top engagement photo tips, let’s talk about the POINT of an engagement shoot. 

First and foremost: your engagement is a big deal, and it’s a reason to celebrate! It’s so much fun to capture that moment and energy in a professional shoot. Plus, you can use your engagement shoot photos when sending out invites! 

Another great reason to have an engagement shoot is to help establish a bond with your photographer. You and your partner will also be able to get some of that initial camera shyness out of your system, which makes for even better wedding photos down the line. 

With all that said, prepping for your engagement photo shoot can still be nerve-wracking. Don’t panic, though – your new bestie is here to help you every step of the way (hi, it’s me!!!). 

Here are my six top tips for capturing FLAWLESS engagement photos in Vancouver…

1. Pick The Right Outfits  

Choosing the right engagement photo outfits can be tricky, but you definitely don’t want to overthink it. Still, the perfectionist in me understands the perfectionist in you, and that’s why I like to include an engagement photo style guide for my couples. 

When thinking about your engagement photos and what to wear for them, start with the basics. This means picking outfits you not only love, but that you also feel comfortable wearing. 

A final note: while I’m a hopeless romantic at heart, I’ve GOTTA insist that you avoid being matchy-matchy with your partner. While the idea seems cute on paper, it rarely comes across well in photos. Instead, choose outfits that complement one another through colors, styles, or fabrics. This will help you look gorgeous together without the cheesy-family-photo vibes!

2. Two Words: Be! Yourselves!

Any great Vancouver engagement photographer is going to tell you to be yourselves, but what does that REALLY mean? 

Basically, it means that on the day of your shoot, you shouldn’t try to be anyone or anything other than who you really are. From what you wear to how you pose, we want you to feel natural, comfortable, and true to yourselves as individuals and a couple. 

While it’s great to have a mood board for inspiration, it’s even more important to be flexible and mesh what you like with who you are. Remember, no one can do it quite like you because no one IS you. Embrace that! 

3. Have A Vision, But Be Open-minded

Having a vision is important, but I like to remind my couples to also be open-minded and flexible with that vision. 

Know what you want out of your engagement shoot, but come willing to be open to other ideas from your photographer as well. You may be surprised just how beautiful and unique your photos turn out when you go outside the box, and I often hear from couples that their favorite shots are the impromptu ones they didn’t even plan for. 

Work with me here, guys. You may feel like I’m giving you some crazy prompts, but trust me: they’ll make for WAY better photos than stiff, unnatural poses!

4. Lock Down A Few Locations And Visit Them Ahead Of Time 

Picking the right engagement photo locations in Vancouver can make all the difference in how your pictures turn out at the end of the day. 

If you’re familiar with Vancouver, you already know there are plenty of beautiful places to snap that perfect picture. With that said, there are some hidden gems as well that a photographer familiar with the area (hi, hello, me again!) can help you find. 

Some of my favorite engagement shoot locations in Vancouver include: 

5. Embrace The Imperfections 

When it comes to snapping the best couples photography in Vancouver, I always tell my couples to embrace any and all imperfections that are bound to happen during the shoot day. 

Some of the BEST engagement photos are those candid, unplanned moments, and couples who keep an open mind always end up pleasantly surprised. 

6. Trust Your Photographer

Last but never least: make sure you TRUST. YOUR. PHOTOGRAPHER.

Remember that you hired this professional for a reason. They know what they’re doing, so trust them to guide you through your photography session and capture your connection authentically.

Your Flawless Engagement Shoot In Vancouver Awaits! 

If you’re ready to book your engagement photography in Vancouver, I’m SO ready to help! I’m super well-versed in Vancouver engagement photos and excited to guide you through the adventure every step of the way. 

Contact me now and let’s chat about how we can capture some gorgeous engagement photos in Vancouver! 

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