M & C’s Intimate Backyard Wedding In Maple Ridge BC

Before we go into the details of M and C’s beautiful and intimate backyard wedding in Maple Ridge BC, I want to note that M and C’s names will not be mentioned due to the nature of M’s work. BUT DON’T WORRY, their sweet love story and the details of their big day are available to share with all of you!!!

A Romantic Wedding Proposal … With THREE Attempts! 

M and C have been together for 6 years of road trips, hiking, and visiting local breweries. M proposed to C on Easter Sunday during the pandemic. They weren’t able to enjoy an Easter dinner with their families because of the pandemic, so they decided to make a big Easter dinner for two! 

After a lovely intimate dinner together, they sat on the deck with a glass of wine enjoying the sunset. M pointed out something he noticed at the neighbor’s house and while C had her head turned he busted out the ring box!!! C blurted out “Oh thank god!” because she was so happy he didn’t wait until after the pandemic to propose. They started talking about something else when M said “Are you going to say yes?” C responded, “Are you going to ask me?!” 

M did, and C said YES!!! You know you’ve got a special kind of love when the appearance of a ring box doesn’t even require a verbal response!!

C later found out that this was M’s THIRD proposal attempt as he had two other proposal plans that didn’t work out.

Proposal plan #1

M bought C a bike for her birthday and was hoping to go on a bike ride and propose during a picnic. Then UPS lost the bike and it was delivered a few months later.

Proposal plan #2

M and C were out for a drive on country roads near their house. M suggested a few walking trails, as he had the ring in his pocket and planned to propose on the trail. C said she was tired and wanted to do the walk another time.

Ladies, find a man who will propose as many times as it takes!!! In the end, C said that the successful proposal plan was just perfect because it meant they got engaged in their new home! The same home where they would host their stunning backyard wedding a few months later.

A Small Intimate Backyard Wedding

I was THRILLED to receive a text from M and C asking me to shoot their wedding!! I first met C when I was assigned to work as an EA in her elementary school classroom. The teacher in C really shone as they prepared their home for their wedding day!!! 

C came up with and created so many of their wedding details herself! Here are a few photos of the details, and you can find more DIY decor inspiration in the rest of the wedding photos below.

Bridal Portraits in Golden Ears Provincial Park

Let’s fast forward to THE BIG DAY! C and her girls got ready at a cute Airbnb while M and his boys got ready at their house. After a sweet first look, we headed over to Golden Ears Provincial Park (beach entrance) for bridal portraits. 

While rain may seem like discouraging weather for portraits, it ended up creating a STUNNING backdrop of cool tones, misty mountains, and calm blue waters. I may not be well-versed on Lord of the Rings films, but I know this location would fit right in!

The Ceremony and Reception

After the bridal portraits, we headed back to M and C’s house for the ceremony and reception. It was SO fun spending the day with two sweet families coming together. 

So many heartwarming and hilarious moments! One of these moments was during the ceremony vows when M responded an eager YES before the officiant could finish the question. LOVED M’s obvious excitement to marry his bride!!!

It’s Wedding Testimonials Like These! …

“The photos turned out better than we ever could have imagined and when Esther sent the sneak peeks, C literally shrieked and ran down to the basement to show me.” — M

Vancouver Vendor Shoutouts:

  • Ceremony Officiant was Ann Marie Bestic

Hope you’re feeling INSPIRED to get creative with your backyard wedding after reading this couple’s wedding story. CONGRATULATIONS to M and C!!! I had a blast shooting your engagement and wedding!!!

Keep scrolling for more photos of this beautiful day and get in touch to plan your own wedding photography in BC!

An Intimate Backyard Wedding In Maple Ridge BC

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