How To Choose Your Wedding Photographer: EMP Would Be A Good Fit For You If…

SPOILER ALERT! I’m not for everyone. That’s why understanding how to choose your wedding photographer is so important!

So you’ve decided to book a photographer and you search for “wedding photographers near me” in Google and discover there are TONS. How overwhelming!! Esther Moerman Photo (EMP) pops up among the search results and you are trying to decide if I would be the BEST FIT to document your engagement and wedding day. 

Finding YOUR wedding photographer has so many aspects and I want it to be the perfect match for you. So let me make this decision a little bit easier for you with a short but ESSENTIAL list of “good fit factors” to see if we will TOTALLY VIBE during our time together.

Good Fit Factor #1: You Are Ready To Have A Good Time And Love To Laugh!

I should probably let you know ahead of time that I am a bit of a hoot. I LOVE to laugh, chat, and joke around, so we will be doing that throughout our whole session together. The best part is, the MORE we laugh and chat, the BETTER your photos will be. But you may not feel that way! So if you are looking for a more serious shoot you may want to find someone else.

Good Fit Factor #2: You Want Your Photos To Have Bright And Vibrant Colors

I edit your photos to represent my brand, and I decided early in my business that I wanted my wedding photo style to be BRIGHT and VIBRANT. 

The photos in this blog post will give you a perfect idea of how your photos will look if you book with me, so give them a browse and see if they give you the energy and joy that I aim for with my editing style.

Good Fit Factor #3: You Consider Photos An Investment

I have carefully put together my pricing guides and packages to ensure the best service possible. You can 100% count on my packages to be on the higher end when comparison shopping for wedding photographers. 

I have put a lot of time and effort into my business and want to offer an amazing client experience for you! If you’re looking for someone who’s just there with a camera to snap a few shots or have a specific, that’s totally cool but I’m not your perfect fit.

Good Fit Factor #4: Your Relationship Has A Fun, Giddy, Humorous, Goofy Aspect To It!

You enjoy having a good time together, and by “good time” I mean sneak attack bear hugs, rolling in the grass, scooping and spinning, tickle wars, and dancing like I’m not there! 

These describe some of the prompts I will be using with you, and they will create the most beautiful photos if they are capturing a fun and silly side of your relationship that was ALREADY there to begin with.

Good Fit Factor #5: You Are Confident That You Can Trust Your Wedding Professional (Yup, That’s Me)

I need to know ahead of time that I can freely use up all of my creative juices and not be interrupted by second guessing or multiple concerns during the session. 

Nerves in front of the camera are totally okay, but you also have to be able to follow my directions and trust that they will create the best results in the end! If you feel it would be too hard to give 100% of your trust, that’s totally okay! Just don’t book me because I’m not for you and I’m okay with that.

Think of our sessions like a few otters splashing around having some fun, and I’ll have my camera there 🙂

Niche Wedding Photography

To wrap things up, I am fully aware that I built my business to serve a specific, narrow NICHE of people. The first part is COUPLES, and the next part is all the specifics I listed above to make sure I’m the right fit for these couples who are interested in my services.

When considering how to choose your wedding photographer, be open to discussing if you both are a perfect fit! Part of my policy is to have a ZOOM call with any couples who are considering booking me for their weddings. This initial call is basically to figure out if we would be the perfect fit. It is for the benefit of both parties to ensure that we are a PERFECT MATCH!

Before you close this blog post, check out a few more examples of my work below to see if it’s the kind of style you are looking for in your photos. Can’t wait to meet with you!!!

how to choose your wedding photographer

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