Whonnock Lake Wedding Editorial Photoshoot With Charles & Jenna

This Whonnock Lake wedding editorial shoot literally BLEW MY MIND!!!!!

I had only met Jenna briefly before this session as I’m good friends with her sister, Steph. I had wayyyyy too much fun capturing Charles & Jenna’s true love connection. I am in awe of how everything came together for this amazing styled shoot.

Shoutout To These Amazing British Columbia Wedding Vendors!

Be Flawless Beauty Bar did AMAZING work on Jenna’s hair and makeup, and shoutout to Kayleigh at Bobbypins Curiosities for this gorgeous dress rental and florals. I created some magic this evening and it’s all thanks to Ashley, Kayleigh, Charles and Jenna!!!

Not to mention how EPIC the conditions were, and it was literally pouring rain the day before and the day after this editorial photoshoot. Whonnock Lake golden hour was SHOWING OFF big time, and I could show off my creativity, while Charles and Jenna were my supermodels. 

They were down for any prompt I suggested, and I don’t mean just willing to do it –- I mean, willing to go the extra mile and have FUN with it!!!! They danced, laughed, cuddled, spun around, and Charles got some opportunities to show off his muscles as I asked him to do sooo many lifts.

Charles and Jenna were my definition of the ideal client because they were willing to be themselves, let loose, and they gave me 100% of their trust from the start of the session.

They are so freaking adorable, and have been together for six years but NEVER had photos done together (which shocked me big time). Like there’s no way you’d be able to tell that they have NEVER done a photo shoot before.

At the start of the session, Jenna told Charles he looked like a sexy secret agent in his full black outfit and boots. After we all laughed about that, I knew this session was going to ROCK. The best part of all – they asked if they could bring their pup, Fela, with them. Easy answer for me – OF COURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!

An Epic Editorial Photoshoot

I am thankful that Charles and Jenna gave me their full trust and told me how much fun they had at the end of the session, and Jenna’s reaction to the photos just melted my heart. 

This was a refreshing session to do and just be able to get creative and remind me why I do photography! I drove home soooooooooo freaking excited to plug in my SD card to my laptop.

Thank you, Charles and Jenna, for simply being YOU and for rocking my world by KILLING IT at this Whonnock Lake wedding styled sesh. Love ya both <3

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Whonnock Lake wedding editorial shoot
Beautiful Whonnock Lake wedding editorial shoot during golden hour

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