6 Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Dress

Let’s find your perfect dress! There are so many things to look forward to when it comes to your big day, but choosing your wedding dress is definitely one of the most exciting parts.

Choosing the right wedding dress – the perfect, jaw-dropping dress for YOU – can sound overwhelming, but with these tips you can make the experience stress-free and extremely enjoyable! 

Let’s Look At How To Choose A Wedding Dress …

1. Do Your Research

Do your research! Having an idea of the types of styles or fabrics you would like to try on are all helpful when working with your consultant. They’ll help you decide how to choose a wedding dress for your body type, the vibe you’re going for, and the overall look for the big day!

2. Schedule Appointments

When hitting the shops after scheduling all your appointments, consider wearing your hair and makeup in a similar way you envision for the big day! This way, you can clearly envision your final look, while feeling glamorous for all your try-ons! 

3. Review Different Designers 

Look up the designers and styles that each shop carries before your appointment. Save these dresses on your phone or Pinterest board to show your consultant. While these may not be THE one, they will definitely help your consultant when it comes to bringing you your dream selections and ultimately picking your wedding dress (THE one!).

4. Get To Know Styles

Familiarize yourself with the types of styles and silhouettes. This way, you can articulate to your consultant what you like and don’t like, or are aware of the terminology when discussing options at your appointment. 

5. Be Open

Keep an open mind when considering how to choose a wedding dress style! I often hear so many brides say that they ended up with a dress, style, or silhouette that they didn’t originally think would be the ONE! 

Don’t be afraid to try on everything and anything when it comes to your wedding dress. You never know, you may be pleasantly surprised.

6. Consider A Weekday

Consider a weekday appointment. Weekends tend to be the busiest days for appointments! During a less busy weekday, you have more space and fewer crowds to freely shop selections and styles throughout each boutique. With fewer people, you can have closer service with staff and longer conversations about your possible one!

In the end, you will know which dress is for you! The one that makes you feel the most confident, beautiful, and everything in between!

Try to enjoy every minute of choosing your wedding dress and the whole shopping process … because it’s once in a lifetime!


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