Fraser River Lodge Weddings: 6 Reasons To Get Married Here

Fraser River Lodge weddings have so much to offer — the list is literally endless! With amazing options, endless benefits, and a stunning backdrop, it’s a magical, rustic lodge wedding venue that dreams are made of.

Here are my top 5 reasons you should consider this gorgeous venue when planning your upcoming wedding!

1. It’s An All-Inclusive Venue

The Fraser River Lodge wedding venue has everything covered when it comes to helping you plan your big day. With a ton of options to fit your needs, there is no denying you will find the perfect package to accommodate your wedding dreams. 

The lodge has several location options to select from for your wedding ceremony, and two reception options to choose from! Plus, they have a full bride and groom suite so you can spend all the quality time with your wedding party prior to the festivities! 

Having a bridal suite is a total game-changer. It allows for ease and flow in your morning as you get ready so you don’t need to move from one location to the next! 

Fraser Ridge Lodge wedding ceremony with mountain backdrop

2. The VIEW!!!

I mean … the view from the lodge is literally JAW DROPPING. 

This location is surrounded by amazing greenery, tall mountains, and a stunning river. You have endless scenic options for photos and your viewing pleasure. 

I’ve had the opportunity to shoot at this location a few times and each time my jaw still drops at the stunning, natural backdrop. You’ll be mesmerized by British Columbia’s natural beauty — that I can guarantee! So don’t worry, your decor is taken care of 🙂

3. There Is A Package For You!

Choosing a wedding package is extremely personal, and thankfully the lodge has many options to choose from! You’ll have the opportunity to review each package to see what is suitable for you and go from there. 

Oh, and did I mention that their wedding packages offer an overnight stay in their honeymoon suite? I mean … HOW ROMANTIC! You’ll have everything taken care of so you can lay back and enjoy the day and who doesn’t love that?

4. Food…We All Love It!

One thing I love about Fraser River Lodge weddings is that they provide amazing, tasty, in-season, and quality meals — all ethically sourced from local farmers.

Each meal is curated by their in-house chef to ensure you leave having had a memorable experience. I love the idea of in-season and unique dishes, so this one is a YES for me! I am not exaggerating when I say this is my FAVORITE VENUE FOOD!

Outdoor photos at Fraser Ridge Lodge wedding

5. They Can Accommodate Any Wedding Size

The Fraser River Lodge wedding venue is prepared to host weddings of all sizes, from elopements to a wedding of 200! Regardless of your wedding size, you will be covered. 

With a range in price point, the lodge even takes into consideration the time of year and provides low, mid and high season options to fulfill your needs. 

Whether you’re looking to have an intimate ceremony or a huge party, every detail is accounted for so you can have everyone you hoped to join you on your special day.

6. You Can Ride A Helicopter!

One truly spectacular thing you can also do to add to your memorable moments at the lodge is a helicopter ride up to capture truly spectacular portraits! 

Imagine getting your wedding photos back that showcase the most stunning wedding photos there are. As a Vancouver wedding photographer, this is one of my favorite things to do when shooting at Fraser River Lodge … and my couples have never been disappointed with the experience!! 

You can have the same venue as me one day … because you’d better believe I’ll be getting married here!!

Helicopter BC wedding ride at Fraser Ridge Lodge

Curious To Learn More About This Epic Wedding Spot? 

If you’re looking for a Vancouver wedding photographer and want to chat more about Fraser Ridge Lodge, get in touch!

Fraser River Lodge weddings

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