Jordan & Brooklyn's Wedding

June 06, 2020

Witnessing a dear friend marry the love of their life is such a meaningful experience. I had the honour of taking that experience to the next level when my sweet friend Brooklyn and her fiance Jordan asked ME to photograph their wedding! As you can imagine, it was a quick yes from me!!!

First, let’s back up a bit. I met Brooklyn years ago when we both worked at Starbucks. I felt an instant connection with her because, simply put, she is the sweetest person you will EVER meet!! When I think of working with Brooklyn, what comes to mind is her big, bright smile with every customer (the same beautiful smile that you’ll see in most of the photos below)! Customers would ask for Brooklyn all the time, even on her days off.

Brooklyn and I discovered that we had a mutual Facebook friend: her boyfriend Jordan! Small world, hey? Jordan and I graduated from Langley Christian Secondary School together. Jordan was respected by everyone at our high school and he has such a kind heart! Given these qualities, it made total sense that he would connect with Brooklyn when they met at Bible Camp. In getting to know Brooklyn and Jordan as a couple, it has been SOOO evident that God is at the center of their relationship.

Now, let’s fast forward through 5 years of dating and an incredible engagement in Mexico to the wedding planning stage. Brooklyn had originally asked me to be one of her bridesmaids. However, after the arrival of Covid-19 restrictions, I received a phone call from Brooklyn asking me to be their wedding photographer. My heart LEAPT out of my chest with excitement!!!

The photographer wasn’t the only thing that had to change due to Covid-19. Brooklyn and Jordan now had to book a new wedding venue and reduce the size of their guest list and wedding party! Despite this adversity, Brooklyn and Jordan felt peace about the changes because they trusted that God would handle it. For Brooklyn and Jordan, the most important thing was being able to marry each other! They kept their original wedding date: June 6.

As you can see in the photos, the weather on June 6 was absolutely STUNNING!!! The ceremony took place at Redwoods Golf Course, followed by a cocktail hour on the beautiful rooftop of the Westlund Building. We then moved inside the Westlund Building for the reception, which was a wonderful time filled with joy and laughter! I had SO many laughs during one reception game in particular: Brooklyn and Jordan asked questions to teams of guests, who then had to think of an answer that matched the correct answer written by Brooklyn and Jordan on their whiteboards. I thought this was a really fun and creative spin on the shoe game!!!

A friend as sweet and kind-hearted as Brooklyn is a rare breed. She will stay close to my heart forever and I am SO thankful for her. It was such an honour to capture the biggest day of her life!!

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