How Should I Print Professional Photos?!

This quote NAILS it because printed photos are more than a piece of home decor; they are reminders of the precious times we spent with the people we care about most. And if you hired a professional photographer like me to capture those times, they must have been especially precious moments. Precious memories deserve to be preserved properly, and that is why I will be explaining exactly how to print the photos from your session so you don't lose the QUALITY of those captured moments.

I get asked about photo printing a lot so I have tried to include everything you need to know below! Let's get started!

January 18, 2021

“You don't take a photograph, you make it"

—Ansel Adams

Why should I print my photos? They are on my computer!

Computers, phones, and other forms technology and social media have made it really easy to store our photos. But how often do you go onto your computer and scroll through your past albums? Printing high quality images from a cherished moment in time will give you daily, easily accessible reminders of those moments, whether it's for decorating your walls or putting in a photo album on your coffee table.

Another more practical reason for printing your favorite photos is the fact that digital files are not indestructible and all kinds of things can happen to old and new images depending on how they are being stored. It's good to have a physical copy!

Why does it matter to EMP where I print my photos?

You've paid for a session with me and received your photos. So why should I care where you end up taking the photos to be printed or how you want to display your photos? Maybe some photographers don't care, but I TOTALLY care! I take a lot of time to shoot, edit, and process your images to reflect my brand and create quality photos that will be treasured by you and your loved ones for years. I am SO passionate about my work and I am committed to delivering high quality prints to my clients.

If you end up with a low quality print displayed in your home, not only does that reflect poorly on me as the photographer, but it also reflects poorly on you because visitors in your home will think you paid someone to give you low quality photos. You gotta do justice to the professional photos by springing for professional prints too, for my sake AND yours!

Why can't I just go to Walmart or Costco? It's cheaper!

Where does EMP recommend I print my professional photos?

Given Walmart and Costco's low prices, I can see why you might roll your eyes at the price of a photo purchased from a professional photo lab. But think about the reason you hired a professional photographer instead of asking your cousin Sue to take pictures of you. You wanted someone with photography experience, knowledge, and passion! So why should we expect any different when we decide who should print those professional photos?!

Professional photo labs offer higher quality photo paper, higher quality inks, and special coatings that make images resistant to finger prints, dust, and fading. They ensure that the colours, tones, brightness, and sharpness are more true to your digital image. These extra steps are critical to ensuring the preservation of your images as they journey through life with you. Printed images may be handled by friends and family, displayed on your walls near a window where the sunlight threatens to fade them, or repeatedly re-framed to suit new decor. Quality matters!

I also want to note that my photography contracts state that I do not guarantee the quality of other printing services such as Walmart, Costco, London Drugs, etc.

The quality of your photos will be at their BEST when you order through ME.  Pic-Time is the website where you get your digital photos delivered to you, and you will be able to relive your day through this gallery. Pic-Time allows you to favorite the photos in your gallery by clicking the heart icon on each photo, and you can then go to your favorites folder and download/print your favorite photos from there. Printing through Pic-Time is not only EASY, but it also gives you LOADS of options for how you want your pictures printed. 

How do I print my professional photos on Pic-Time?

Here is a brief step-by-step guide on how to access and order prints from your gallery through Pic-Time:

1. Go to your gallery of photos. At the top of the screen you will see "Gallery" and "Shop" beside each other. Click on "Shop". 

2. In the "Shop" screen you will see all your options for printing your photos (Lay Flat Albums, Greeting Cards, Calendars, Prints, etc.) 

3. Click on "Prints". There will be various size options, paper type, and whether you want a border. If you've bought a frame already, this is a great time to double check the size so they match up perfectly!

4. You will see all your photos at the bottom and can select multiple photos for printing. This is also where you will see the option to view your "Favorites" that you hearted before. 

5. Once you have selected your photos and specifications, click "Add to Cart". You will see your Cart fill up in the top right corner. 

6. You can continue shopping after this if you'd like more prints, calendars, albums, etc. If you are finished, you can just click the Cart and check out! 

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