In An Instant- Everything Changed

It was this one specific moment that changed everything...

I remember this moment vividly. I wanted to share this story with you because you've been supporting me and I like to get REAL with people who have shown support to EMP.

The moment where I decided to take a leap of faith and become a wedding photographer was a very significant time for me and my life was changed forever (for the better)

I was fresh out of high school and in every social situation I encountered, I had someone asking what career I will be pursuing. I cannot express how frustrated I got about this question, because I truly had no idea who I was or what my passion were. 

I worked at Starbucks and got paid $12.25/hour and every single shift I worked, I was thinking to myself this is NOT where I want to be long term. 

I took endless amounts of career quizzes and hated every career result that I received. 

Then life threw me a lifeline...

In 2015, I was a bridesmaid for my cousin's wedding the summer after I graduated high school. We were doing bridal party portraits and her photographer was dead quiet while taking photos and she kept looking down at her camera timidly. 

I remember thinking how extremely awkward this is, no one is saying anything and she isn't taking charge! Being the extravert I am, I started cracking jokes to get some candid shots happening. I could see a look of relief on my cousin's face when the awkward moment turned into laughter from my jokes. 

I felt so frustrated for my cousin who had shelled out thousands of dollars and received such an underwhelming experience. During the reception, I continued to observe the photographer and the whole time, I was thinking to myself how I could do a better job. 

I went home with a nugget of an idea and I starting researching what it takes to be a wedding photographer, watching YouTube videos about starting a photography business, and looked up how much a professional camera costs. 

I remember being so surprised at the LACK of support I got from family and friends when I was sharing this exciting idea, I told everyone "I'm going to become a Wedding Photographer"

I expected support and excitement from everyone, but instead I got laughs, and lectures about how this is such a terrible idea. I got told to find a safe job and keep photography as a side gig. I have never felt this level of frustration, but I remember telling my big brother, David. David was the only one who was PUMPED about this idea! He said I'd be the perfect fit, and said it will take a lot of hard work to start up this business, but he said that he believed I had what it takes.

Those words and encouragement from David made such a huge impact on me, because I needed that ONE person who actually believed in my success. I am forever grateful that he showed that kind of support to me, because it led me to where I am today. Since then, he's always checking in with me, cheering me on and asking how he can help.

He was also the first client to pay me for my services, by hiring me to do a company shoot for his power washing business!

He was the one to lend me $6000 after I got scammed by a scumbag and took $6000 of my hard earned money. I automatically phoned David crying, and without me asking, he e-transferred me $6000 and said there is absolutely no rush and no interest. It's a love loan and he said take as long as I need to pay him back.

David made such an impact on me, and he celebrated with me when I shot my first wedding, and every wedding after that. Every "win" in my business- he's just as excited as me!

I wasn't wedding photographer "material", I was told to get a safe job, I didn't go to school for photography, I didn't go to school for business, I am self taught and had the inspiration from my big brother during the journey.

Nobody is born knowing how to run a profitable photography business. Nobody is born knowing the secrets to getting people to spend money on their services. 

I've provided a video below to get to know my brand, and I'm freaking STOKED about it! Can't wait to hear your thoughts :)

February 15, 2021

The video I'm most proud of...

When I initially had a vision for a branding video, I had so many things come to mind. I freaked out when I saw this vision come to life through this video!

Let me know your thoughts :)

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