Flowers To Consider In Your Wedding Day Bouquet 

august 24, 2022

Raise your hand if your wedding Pinterest board is covered in bouquet inspo pics!

Flowers are a huge part of your wedding day! They tie in your theme, represent the season and are a personal choice for most brides. Narrowing down what your arrangements may look like could be overwhelming (how do you pick only a few flowers when there are so many pretty ones to choose from?) From center pieces, bridesmaid bouquets, decor and YOUR bouquet .. the options are endless. Don’t worry though, EMP has you covered yet again!! Today I’m sharing some popular wedding flowers to consider on your big day to help tie in your dream bouquet.


Did you know Peonies are known to be one of the most popular wedding flowers!? If you didn't, it's okay, because now you’ve learned something new!!! Peonies have been used for YEARS in bouquets. These popular flowers symbolize wealth and goodluck and offer a unique shape that can paired beautifully with so many other flower options. I love these ones because they come in SO many color options as well, so you’re bound to find ones that tie in with your wedding colors and overall theme. 


Roses truly do add a classic touch to any bouquet. These stunners are in-season for spring and summer weddings and really … you can never go wrong with a bouquet of roses. They are believed to bring love and abundance to your big day and look simply gorgeous paired with classic greenery or other florals to make a dreamy bouquet. 


Lavender smells heavenly and looks wonderful sprinkled throughout floral arrangements! These little accents symbolize devotion (who knew!?). Their aroma helps soothe anxiety and nerves and I feel like every bride could use a little bit of calm on their wedding day … wedding day nerves are a real thing!! If you’re looking for a touch of color in a delicate way, Lavender may be your perfect solution

These are just a few great and traditional options to consider as floral arrangements for your bid day. But, don’t just take it from EMP - if you’re a local bride looking for some expert advice, Floralista Flower Studio located in Fort Langley, BC is a great place to start!! They’re knowledge and eye for floral design is unreal!! You’ll be in great hands.


Little fluffy clouds found in flower form … I’m in heaven! These pretty puffs of happiness represent grace and beauty, which sounds pretty bang on considering how gorgeous they look accompanied by greenery and like flowers in a bouquet.


If you’re looking for a more traditional flower, Lilies may be for you!! These beauties symbolize the a return to happiness and warmth and have been used in traditional bouquets for years! Lilies are popular as a spring bouquet option and tie in beautifully with tons of other floral options. Plus, Kate Middleton carried these on her wedding day … so they really are fit for a princess!! 


Eucalyptus is definitely a popular option in bouquets, especially over these last few years! I personally love the look of mixing green foliage into a bouquet or floral arrangement to give a different look and feel. Eucalyptus is said to have a cleansing effect to help clear negative energy and bring in the positive! 

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