Why You Should Get Married In The Okanagan

august 21, 2022

There are so many reasons you should consider an Okanagan wedding, and while tasty wine may be what you are thinking of, it’s not the ONLY reason you should get married in this gorgeous interior region. With so much to offer, there is something appealing for every bride and their vision! Here are EMP’s top reasons why you should consider an Okanagan wedding!!

The Okanagan Weather

Sure, summer’s may be hot in the Okanagan, but the dry desert weather truly brings divine wedding vibes with clear sky’s and the valley to view! With very little rain, you’re almost guaranteed to have the sun shining on your wedding day. With unpredictable Vancouver weather, if you’re opting for an outdoor ceremony this is usually a concern for most brides. You can plan your ideal outdoor wedding with little stress about the rain gods wreaking havoc and sit back to plan the perfect day

Lot’s of Options For Guests

If you have guests coming from near and far, there is no shortage of fun to be had before the wedding festivities kick off!! Your guests will have so many options to choose from to fill their days prior to the wedding, through wine tours, water activities or even a relaxing lake day. Who doesn't love a mini vacation mixed in with a celebration? Really … sign me up!

Take a Walk Through The Vineyards 

Whether you choose to get married in Kelowna, Lake Country, Osoyoos or Vernon … you are BOUND to come across impressive locations that check off lots on your list. You’ll have unlimited resorts or venues to choose from to help plan your fairytale and you’ll have the natural beauty of the Okanagan to lean on. Looking to get married at a winery, on the lake or atop a mountain range overlooking the scenic views … the locations throughout the Okanagan have got you covered. 

Would you consider the Okanagan for a wedding destination!? Tell me your preferred city in the comments below! 

Impressive Locations

I’ve always loved the idea of a welcome reception as guests arrive at a destination location. A vineyard accompanied by scenic views is the perfect location to host your guests! Enjoy the landscape, local wine and good company. It gives your guests the opportunity to get to know each other before the wedding and is a great excuse to relax and decompress before and pre-wedding jitters may come your way

Destination, But Make It Close

More and more I am seeing couples look to keep their destination weddings closer to home, rather than flying to a tropical location. If you’re hoping for a destination that is only a few hours away and feels like a new oasis, the Okanagan is your spot. It’s close enough to home to make it easily accessible, but far enough away to transport you into vacation mode. Plus, transferring wedding materials is a lot easier when you can pack up the car!! With the airlines these days, you can bank on your luggage making it to that final pit stop ;)

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