"We are Really Awkward in Front of the Camera"

August 02, 2021

Alright- real talk. I've heard this phrase SOOOOOO many times throughout my photography career and I wanted to do a blog post solely on this topic. Don't stress!!! Having you feel comfortable, confident, and cute in front of the lens is MY JOB! - NOT YOURS!!!!

SO, here's a list explaining the "COMFORT FACTORS" I use to ensure you are TOTALLY comfortable during your session with me.

"We are really awkward in front of a camera...."

When you hear me say that my job is to capture who YOU are with my photography, that doesn't mean I will just be silently shooting you like a National Geographic photographer in the wild. My job is to create memories WITH you and FOR you. This is a team effort, with me giving instructions and prompts to help you loosen up and feel like there is no one else around except you and your #1 babe. It is my goal to give you the FULL EMP EXPERIENCE by guiding you every step of the way during our session and having you feel comfortable the whole time. The more willing you are to trust my instructions and participate in my prompts, the better the shots!!! The proof is in the shots below.

Comfort Factor #1: I don't stick a lens in your face and expect you to know what to do.

Don't feel comfortable with the idea of "posing"? Still not sure if you've even figured out your best "picture smile"? NOT A PROBLEM! I do 80% prompting over posing during our session, which means I'll give you instructions to do a fun action that gets you moving and captures an authentic reaction and connection.

I always start with warm up prompts to kick things off and ease you into it before asking for more "action filled" prompts. My FAVOURITE prompts are "the sneak attack bear hug" or "the barrel roll" in the sand or grass! The laughter will be rolling. Check out the photos below to see how these prompts help me capture beautiful moments that are also GENUINE.

Comfort Factor #2: I prefer prompts over poses.

For those of you who don't know, PDA stands for Public Displays of Affection. I will warn you that all of my prompts involve touching each other. So if you're not a very PDA couple then we will make sure to choose a secluded location for our session instead of the city centre of Vancouver!! Whatever it takes to make sure you feel comfortable getting close to your babe so you can get your money's worth of shots with your photo session.

Comfort Factor #3: I like to know your PDA comfort level ahead of time.

If the stare of the camera lens is still making you feel awkward, feel free to come with a prop in hand. The physical feeling of having something familiar in your hands may make you more brave in front of the camera since you won't be the main focus anymore. Having a prop will also open up more prompt opportunities. You could bring a live prop, such as a beloved pet, or an item like a blanket, bouquet, or items associated with your passions. Check out the photos below for prop inspiration!!!

Comfort Factor #4: It can be helpful to share the camera's focus with a prop you love.

It's not a long list, but it's an IMPORTANT list because it's about your comfort 100% of the time. I will be posing you down to your fingertips, so don't worry about a thing! Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. I look forward to working with you and creating those memories WITH YOU and FOR YOU!

Here's a few more GORGEOUS shots to put you at ease about getting in front of the camera.

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