Jeff & Lisa's Wedding

July 19, 2021

JEFF AND LISA!!! There are some couples that I INSTANTLY vibe with, where the friendship starts blooming RIGHT AWAY. That’s what happened with Jeff and Lisa.

Jeff and Lisa have been together for just over 5 years and their favorite activity is watching movies at home (can’t most of us relate?). I got connected to Jeff and Lisa through my high school friend Marqui, who just so happens to be dating Lisa’s brother. I LOVE small world connections, especially through someone like Marqui whose family is bound to be a good time!!! Boy was I right!

“Thank you so much!!! The pictures are absolutely amazing and you are taking our photos for the rest of our lives!!!!!!”

During my first phone call with Jeff and Lisa we were cracking jokes and just bro-ing out! Then at our engagement session we were living, laughing, AND loving. Being the photographer means I’m there to show my couples a good time, but in this case Jeff and Lisa gave me the most entertainment I’ve ever had in a session!! 

Jeff and Lisa’s original wedding plan was to party it up with family and friends in the Okanagan. But since Covid had other plans, and Jeff and Lisa just wanted to get married, they made it happen with a beautifully intimate and FUN backyard wedding. Jeff and Lisa’s closest friends and family were still able to join for speeches and partying through Zoom, as you can see in the AMAZING candids below. Brides and grooms, please make it your goal to laugh THIS HARD at your wedding. I couldn’t believe how much joy had been captured when I was looking through the photos after the wedding. 

After Jeff and Lisa’s amazing wedding day, I visited their home to drop off their photo album and was SO pumped to hear that their families were going on about how much fun the Photographer was at the wedding. I can’t stress how much that means to me!!!

Fast forward to their wedding where I laughed non-stop, teared up during speeches, and bonded with both families right away. I knew the family felt the same way when I became the lucky recipient of a “surprise drink” mixed by Jeff’s Dad. Long story short, Jeff’s brother was right when he warned me that it was a terrible idea to allow his Dad to make one of those drinks. 

I am so so thankful not only to have captured Jeff and Lisa’s love, but to have met and become friends with them too!!! Love you guys sooooooo much! Can’t you tell in the sweet shot of us below?? 

“Esther, I think I love you even more than before, and honestly I didn't think that was possible...”
-Lisa, when I drove them to their bridal portraits

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