EMP’s TOP Vancouver Wedding Venues & Beyond

If you’re still unsure where you want to get married, THIS is the post for you!!! I have narrowed down my favorite Vancouver wedding venues (and others!) from this past year. See a venue you LOVE? Just click the name of the venue (in grey font) to be taken to their website so you can MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!

Let’s dive into the best wedding venues in Vancouver:

Wedding Venue #1: Fraser River Lodge

Located in Agassiz, British Columbia, this has to be my ALL TIME favorite venue by far. I tell everyone that I will be getting married here. No, I don’t have a boyfriend and I’m not anywhere near getting hitched. BUT when the day comes, I know where I will be walking down the aisle. 

Why are Fraser River Lodge weddings my favorite? 

The view on this private 18 acre property is incredible. You are face-to-face with Mount Cheam and fields of roaming bison, and directly on the shore of the Fraser River. This means you can go pretty simple with your ceremony decor and still blow your guests away!! You also have OPTIONS, as Fraser River Lodge offers four seasonal indoor/outdoor ceremony locations.

The staff are incredibly friendly and will do what they can to help make your vision a reality. Fraser River Lodge offers wedding and elopement packages, as well as flexible options to suit a socially distanced wedding.

The food is UNREAL. They offer a tailor-made buffet which includes a meat and cheese platter for cocktail hour and a dessert spread. YUM!!!

Accommodation is available, giving you a unique option to stay where you get married!! Wedding packages include overnight stays in the Honeymoon Suite which features a jacuzzi tub, gas fireplace, and a delivery of chocolate covered strawberries and champagne to your room!!! 

Even if you decide to get married here and honeymoon elsewhere, the option of overnight stays gives you the opportunity to celebrate your future anniversaries in the same spot where you got married. ROMANTIC!!

Golden Hour potential is HUGE here. As you know, Golden Hour is very important to me, and Fraser River Lodge is surrounded by beautiful country roads where you can sneak away for some Golden Hour shots during your reception.

Wedding Venue #2: Arbutus Ridge Golf Club

Here are a few reasons why I loved shooting at Arbutus Ridge Golf Club in Victoria, British Columbia:

The view is a stunning combination of water, gardens, grassy fields, and rolling hills. Guests arrive at a Japanese Garden and are led over a beautiful bridge to be seated. The bride will do the same, giving you stunning “walking down the aisle” shots (see photo below). 

The backdrop of your ceremony will be a view of the Satellite Channel, Salt Spring Island and Manley Farm. Brides, wear the right footwear if you get married here because you, your new husband, and the photographer are going to have a lot of exploring to do!!! Check out how many different backgrounds I found with Craig and Michelle in the photos below.

The reception room is beautifully lit with large floor to ceiling windows (of course a photographer notices this…) and a stunning view of Mount Baker.

You get a little island getaway that is still within British Columbia but offers TONS of beautiful honeymoon spots to hit after your wedding. Hit one of the nine wineries surrounding the Golf Club or easily hop over to other nearby islands with ease (Salt Spring anyone???).

Wedding Venue #3: The Redwoods Golf Course

The Redwoods Golf Course is a fantastic choice for your Langley BC wedding venue for a few reasons:

The outdoor wedding site is set up beautifully, with an arch already provided and stairs up to the altar. There is greenery everywhere and water and mountain scenery a short distance away.

Extensive wedding package. Redwoods Golf Course is EQUIPPED to do all the work for you if that’s what you’re looking for. They have an event tent for up to 50 guests, DJ service, decor package for ceremony and reception, and they can make all your food, drink, and dessert dreams come true!!! They may even spoon feed it to you for an extra charge…

Wedding Venue #4: The Little White Chapel

Located in Chilliwack, British Columbia, The Little White Chapel is the kind of spot that makes you pull the car over when you drive by. Here is why I love this classic wedding venue:

Getting married at The Little White Chapel gives ALL the romantic and elegant vibes. Tall stained glass windows, wooden doors and floors, and an old church bell that rings as you walk out of the church as husband and wife. It is like a scene from a movie, evident in the photos below.

With beautiful surroundings, country roads, lovely gardens, bridges, and even a swing, you won’t have to go far to get a variety of beautiful backdrops for your portraits!

This smaller venue accommodates up to 100 guests usually, so you can seat a smaller guest list without having an awkward amount of empty space.

Wedding Venue #5: Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos

Forget the norm and do a destination wedding in Cabo, baby!!! I have chosen the Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos in Mexico for a few reasons:

It’s all-inclusive and family friendly. Enjoy all-inclusive, beachfront food, drink, and activities with your guests no matter their age! Your guests will thank you.

Your wedding will be a multi-day affair. You often hear that a bride and groom barely get to visit with their guests. So how about buying some extra visiting time by spreading the celebration over a few days? 

When you do a destination wedding, you have a few days to relax and party with your family and friends on the beach or by the pool. That’s exactly what I did at the wedding below and I loved getting to know the bride and groom and their guests better!!!

Beach. Need I say more? A beautiful ceremony on the beach, portraits on the beach, reception on the beach with string lights, and palm trees overhead. Dreamy!!!

Wedding Venue #6: Backyard Weddings

In these strange times I have LOVED seeing what couples do with their backyard weddings to make it a gorgeous venue!! Here are a few reasons why intimate backyard weddings are a choice you won’t regret:

Freedom to create the wedding of your dreams. 

The only rules with backyard weddings are COVID rules, giving you plenty of freedom. Below you will see beautiful examples of creative ceremony arches, indoor and outdoor reception seating arrangements, and food selection. Every wedding has been different and totally captured who the couple was. I just LOVE that.

Plenty of unrestricted space. 

You have multiple rooms in your house to get ready, multiple options for how the bride walks down the aisle, plenty of space to spread out your cocktail hour, dance floor, reception tables, etc. While other venues may have things missing or extra charges to use extra rooms or space, a personal property does not!

Saves money. 

Now, you can definitely spend the BIG BUCKS for a backyard wedding reception. But if you are looking to save money, a backyard wedding makes it easy. You can use a lot of things that you already have around the house to decorate, including tablecloths, vases, lamps, etc. You can use scrap wood in the garage to do some DIY decor. 

Hey, if your guest list is small enough, maybe you even have enough wine glasses, dishes and cutlery in your kitchen already!

I hope these mini reviews of my favorite wedding venues have been helpful and inspiring!!! All other info can be found on the venue websites (click the underlined font above to be taken to each venue’s website). HAPPY WEDDING PLANNING and get in touch with me to plan your photography 🙂

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