Arizona Photoshoot With Tiktok’s Matt and Abby

I took a trip to Arizona with a secret mission, and now it’s time to SPILL THE TEA!! You may have heard of Tiktok’s Matt and Abby, an INCREDIBLE couple living in Phoenix, Arizona. 

I first reached out to Abby in February of 2020 telling her I would LOVE to do a shoot with her and Matt someday. I just happen to be one of the 3.4 MILLION fans they have on Tiktok! To my surprise, she replied and said they’d love to do a shoot with me if I ever find myself in Hawaii. I almost booked a flight RIGHT THEN but the timing wasn’t right. 

Fast forward to their move to Phoenix, Arizona and I slid into Matt’s DMs asking if I could come and do a shoot. To my surprise again I got a reply and I was over the moon fan girling!!

Next thing I knew I was flying to Arizona and being picked up by Matt and Abby who bought me a frosty and took me on so many fun adventures!! I will NEVER forget this trip or the 3 shoots we ended up doing over the 4 days I was there. 

Papago Park Photoshoot

Shoot #1 was at Papago Park, a stunning desert location with botanical gardens, hiking, and other attractions. I highly recommend it if you’re visiting Phoenix!! 

After Papago Park, we hopped in their car and drove to their apartment to do a rooftop pool shoot with the most EPIC sunset ever!! I was SO blown away at this Arizona sunset with the hottest couple!

We ended up being invited to a BBQ with one of their neighbors who was grilling on the rooftop. Matt said they were about to drive me home, but the grill man invited me to stay for dinner too. So right then and there I made some more friends and got to eat some delicious BBQ chicken! 

The next day, Matt and Abby picked me up from my Airbnb and we headed to the Desert Botanical Garden. WOW, what a beautiful location, and we spent the day galavanting in the heat. Turns out it’s even more exhausting shooting in a desert!! This Raincouver girl was feeling a bit woozy at times! 

This trip was an ABSOLUTE DREAM, except for the part about being hassled at US Customs. I spent an hour with my border guard friends being interrogated about the reason for my trip. Can you believe they’d never heard of Matt and Abby?! 

Special SHOUTOUT to the 11 different Uber drivers who made me laugh, gave great recommendations, and were so fun to chat with! 

If you want to see my time with Matt and Abby in action, check out their youtube video here! I’m featured at the 8-9 minute mark. Check out the results of our photoshoots below and get in touch if you’re looking for a destination wedding photographer!

Tiktok’s Matt and Abby

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