Picking Your Wedding Day Aesthetic

june 18, 2022

There are SO many things to select and finalize when it comes to planning your wedding. From vendors, decor, attire… the list can be long! But before you lock down any of these details, you need to choose your wedding aesthetic! 

If you’re one of those brides who has had their wedding day Pinterest board prepped and ready to go since forever, with all of your inspiration and ideas - this may not be a hard thing for you to lock down. BUT! If you are one of those brides who has a hard time narrowing down these details or can't differentiate between themes, then confirming your aesthetic may be the next step in wedding planning.

What is “wedding aesthetic” anyway? Essentially, this is your overall theme or vibe that you want to create for the big day. Some of the more known examples would include rustic, black tie, classic, beachy or even boho! Choosing a wedding day aesthetic is a great way to make sure everything flows and is cohesive, from your decor to the wedding venue. So, what are some ways to narrow this down? Don’t worry, EMP has got you covered! 

 1. Consider the Season Your Wedding Will Be In

While your wedding day style doesn't need to be dictated by the season, taking this into consideration is a huge help. Consider the time of year to help select the smaller details like a seasonal color palette, in-season decor or florals, to even your venue selection! If you’re getting married in the dead of winter, an outdoor location may not be top of mind. All of these little elements help bring together the bigger picture that is your wedding aesthetic

2. Take Hints  From Your Venue

Is your wedding location a city vibe or located at a stunning countryside barn? Are you interested in a grand ballroom or Mexican resort beach wedding? All of these locations give good insight on how you can decorate your wedding to align with your venue. From there, you can select colors, florals, even a wedding dress that compliments your location.

3. Review Your "Must-Have" List

Every bride has a must-have list of items or elements that are non-negotiable for the big day. If your list contains things like vintage details, mason jar floral arrangements, a grand seating chart or elegant chiavari chairs, then you are one step closer to determining your wedding day aesthetic.

4. What's  The Dress Code?

Whether you are looking to have a casual backyard wedding, black tie formal event or an elegant beachside party - your aesthetic should tie in and match the vibe!

5. Do What Feels Authentic to YOU!

At the end of the day, your wedding should be an extension of you as a couple! Stay true to your personal style and interests to tie into your big day. If you’re a laid back couple or really into wedding trends, reflect that in your aesthetic! 

If you’re still not sure where to start, head over to the EMP blog or create an epic vision board to help you pull inspiration. Nonetheless, there is no doubt that your wedding day will be anything other than magical!

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