Unique Wedding Guest Book Ideas

July4, 2022

When you’re planning a wedding there are many details to consider. When planning these little things, it’s always fun to try and make them unique or different to fit your wedding and experience! Wedding photos always stand out as a great way to remember the big day. Another great way to remember those who celebrated with you is through your guest book - looking back on the amazing messages your loved ones left you! 

Interested in some unique options for your guest book? Let’s check some out!

 1. Feature photos in a couples photo book!

Have your loved ones leave you special messages in a photo book full of your favorite pictures over the years in your relationship. You can even include your engagement session photos to highlight the day!

2. Consider a Tele-Book!

Is there anything cooler than looking back on your special day and listening to the words and messages from your loved ones?! A tele-book is a cool new option that lets you do just that. I love @Teleguestbook for exactly this! They offer an alternative to traditional written guest books, where your guests can leave you messages for you to replay at a later date!! 

3. Sign poloroiods

Fun photos and messages? I mean, sounds fun in my books! Leave a polaroid camera on the table and let your guests take it from there. Fun photos tied in with sweet sentiment are always a great option for a fun guestbook idea

4. Postcards

Gather some postcards of places you have traveled as a couple that may mean something to you or hold a special place in your heart! It’s a fun way to integrate your love for travel with fun messages of encouragement and love

There are a few of my favorite and creative ways to play up your wedding guestbook! 

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