Should You Have a First Look on Your Wedding Day?! 

March 2, 2022

About half of my couples choose to have a first look on their wedding day and there is a few reasons WHY they choose to do this, so I'm going to share a few PROS on having a first look, and then I'll go over why some couples choose to not have a first look! 

Like I said, it's half and half, so there is no RIGHT or WRONG way, it's simply preference and whatever you choose- I'm right behind you supporting your decision!!!! 

Let's talk about a FIRST LOOK 

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Now let's talk about why some couples choose to NOT have a first look: 

  • Your husband really wants to see you for the first time as you walk down the aisle 
  • They prefer to take portraits during cocktail hour and leave the guests to mingle while we head off to take your portraits
  • The couple is okay with having lots of portrait time that is back to back (family formals, couple portraits, bridal party
  • You want to include your guests in this emotional moment of seeing each other for the first time 
  • More traditional / old fashioned way and how they envisioned their wedding day 

Let's get to it!

Coming from a perspective of a Wedding Photographer and based on listening to my clients, these are the PROS of choosing to have a FIRST LOOK (before the ceremony)

  • Taking all of your Bride + Groom and Bridal Party Portraits BEFORE the ceremony is a big time saver, so that guests are not waiting around between the ceremony + reception 
  • You both get to enjoy your cocktail hour instead of your photographer pulling you away from photos!
  • You can do photos wherever you like instead of staying on site  
  • It breaks up the "posed photos" during the day, so you're not smiling for 3 hours straight for photos 
  • Relieve the nerves by seeing each other before the ceremony 
  • Feel less rushed during photos + the wedding day in general 
  • You get SUPER CUTE photos from this intimate moment (hopefully tears from your man, and if he don't - I'll make sure to carry an onion with me, so we can make that happen LOL 

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