Carson & Nathalia's Engagement

October 4, 2020

"I believe that some people come into our lives because they're meant to. Carson is extremely shy, I was sooo worried about the pictures turning out weird but you made us feel so comfortable, it was such a light and fun day! With sooo much love involved! I'm SOOO glad we met you!!"


Nathalia and I met through Instagram. THANK YOU Instagram for forever making me new friends!!! Nathalia told me she would LOVE to book a session with me because she liked the candid style that I offer. Shortly after that, I did a giveaway with a few other local businesses and Nathalia entered and WON. The prize pack was QUITE the haul, and included a handmade bouquet from Farm Boy Flowers, swag from Jaeda Marie The Label, a hair style and makeover from Rose Quartz Beauty, a gift certificate to Revive Washing and one pound of coffee from Southpoint Starbucks.

I had been messaging Nathalia about photoshoot details and also just getting to know her before our shoot. She told me she had never felt this connected to a photographer before and was so excited for our session. Nathalia asked if we could book the session for her birthday because there is no better way to spend her big day than having an engagement session with her babe and EMP! I couldn't have said it better myself!!!! Keep that in mind when you are coming up with activities to do on your next birthday!

It was such an amazing evening in Pitt Meadows with these love birds. They were down for every prompt that I suggested and it absolutely shows in the amazing shots we got during our session!!! Carson and Nathalia are my kind of couple and I cannot wait for many more adventure sessions together. Stay tuned for MANY more photoshoots together and MANY more years of friendship. Just one of the major perks of this dream job!!!!

It was difficult for me to choose just ONE amazing quote to introduce this blog post because Nathalia gave me so much encouraging feedback that made my heart BURST with excitement. Nathalia let me know that Carson's grandparents couldn't stop looking at the photos and were already printing some to decorate their house. I love seeing the joy my photos bring to my couples and their families!!! Nathalia put it even better than me when she said "keep up the great work and making people happy because that's a gift". It sure does feel like a gift when I hear such kind words from my couples.

The kindness continued from these incredible humans when they sent me a package of Brazilian goodies to say thank you for their engagement photos. I have been enjoying nibbling through these amazing snacks and coffee during my hours on hours spent (joyfully) editing and working through non-stop admin work!!!

Nathalia and Carson just started up a business called Taste of Brasil. Be sure to check it out and ENJOY the rest of this beautiful engagement session below!!!

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